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Texas Flight School, 714 Main St., Liberty, Texas 77575, 936-336-9809    


Rick McGuire is a 18,000 hour Certified Flight Instructor with 42 year of experience.  He specializes in training in multi engine aircraft such as all Cessna twins, Beechcraft, and Piper aircraft.  
Office phone: 936 336 9809


We are also involved in Aircraft purchases including pre-appraisals, earnest money contracts, inspections and closings.  We specialize in twin engine piston aircraft of all makes and models.  We can provide pre buy and other types of inspections, including log book analysis of the aircraft.

Rick McGuire has been involved in all aspects of aviation matters for forty years. Trained by Braniff Airlines and holding numerous ratings and flight instructor certificates he has been a leader in aviation accident investigations and aviation accident claims against major general aviation carriers. He has more than 15,000 hours of flight time in aircraft from Piper Cubs to Jets, and holds an Aircraft Dispatcher license for large tubojet aircraft. He also has been a practicing Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic.

He has been at the forefront of aviation accident investigation and the reconstruction of aviation accidents. His background as a flight instructor has enabled him to use his personal experience with the aviation accidents as most aircraft accidents are pilot induced. Holding an advance ground instructor rating and instrument ground instructor rating allows him to understand why accidents are caused by individuals. In that his years of expertise in flight training gives him an edge in the application of FAA rules to an accident where pilot error is involved. He is a strong believer that certain training curriculums now in use by certain general aviation carriers are faulty in their practice and use.

In the legal aspects of accidents, our firm has aviation accident attorneys and support personnel with many years of experience to get to the bottom of aircraft accidents. These personnel include air carrier pilots and safety experts as well as maintenance staff. Our firm believes in the rule that "what it seems may have caused the problem is not always the cause." Many experts fail to take all minutias into consideration when determining the cause, while getting to the bottom of all the facts is the best solution for determining the cause of aviation accidents and aviation crashes.

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